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Father’s Day in Recovery

How to Celebrate Dad During This Unique Time

While we would love to say that Father’s Day is always a happy time, the truth is that sometimes families go through transition periods. If your parent, spouse, or partner is in recovery, adapting your plans to celebrate might be necessary. Here are a few ideas for celebrating this occasion when Dad is in recovery.

Celebrating with Children

If you have young children, you may want to consider celebrating Father’s Day with a special breakfast or brunch. Make sure to include some of dad’s favorite foods! Spend time outdoors together playing games, flying kites, or going for a nature walk. If your children are older, they may want to help plan a special activity or outing for the day.

Children whose fathers are currently undergoing inpatient treatment can celebrate, too. Consider sending cards or handmade gifts and a special snack or treat. You may also find out if visitations are possible or if there is a special day or event that the treatment facility is hosting.

Recovery-Oriented Gifts

If you are looking for a gift that will support your dad’s recovery, consider one of the following:

  • Subscription to a sober podcast or online recovery meeting
  • Sobriety or recovery books, posters, or inspirational items
  • A new gym membership or fitness equipment
  • Favorite snacks or goodies
  • Motivational books on CDs or MP3s
  • Personalized mug or water bottle
  • Comfortable recovery clothing
  • Gift certificate to a relaxation massage or spa day

Support and Discussion

Adult children of someone with a substance use disorder might have a more challenging time celebrating Father’s Day. That’s okay! However, this does make for a good opportunity to open the lines of communication and tell them how you feel. Write a letter, send a card, or sit down and have a meaningful discussion about what’s going on in your family.

Ohio Addiction Treatment Center

Whatever you choose to do to celebrate Father’s Day this year, make it a special occasion that will support your dad in his recovery journey and strengthen your connection with him. With the right tools and support, you can continue to thrive as a family, even during difficult times. For more information on how to support your loved ones in addiction recovery, contact Cedar Oaks Wellness Center today.

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