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Looking for a drug & alcohol rehab near Lexington, KY? Let us help. Cedar Oaks Wellness offers high-quality inpatient addiction treatment on a beautiful campus just a 2 hour drive from Lexington.

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Since the pandemic, Lexington has faced devastating increases in illegal drug use and overdose deaths. Lexington recently received two million dollars in federal grants to help provide things like naloxone to prevent overdoses from opioids, provide overdose prevention training for public servants, and help make addiction treatment in Lexington more readily available.

Substance abuse can harm the individual, their friends, family, and the community without proper addiction treatment in Lexington. The government has invested millions in making substance abuse treatment in Lexington readily available to help combat the economic impact, increase in crime rates, and damaged relationships caused by addiction.

Reach out to our Lexington drug and alcohol rehab center to learn more about our treatment options. Our inpatient drug rehab in Ohio is a top-rated treatment provider that offers drug addiction treatment services near Lexington; contact us today to learn more.

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Addiction in Lexington, Kentucky

addiction in

Lexington, Kentucky

Kentucky struggles with some of the highest overdose death rates, particularly for opiates. The state government has invested millions in helping people connect with addiction treatment in Lexington.

- Between 2020 and 2021, overdose death rates jumped 14.5%.
- 9.6% of adults have used an illegal drug in the last 30 days.
- 6% of adults in the area have a substance abuse disorder and need Lexington drug rehab.

Opiates are the most commonly abused drug in the area. Many of the most common addictions throughout Lexington, like opioids, require medication-assisted treatment to detox properly. That is why it's important to visit a qualified Lexington drug and alcohol rehab center.

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If you are looking for a treatment center in Indianapolis, let Cedar Oaks Wellness Center help you find treatment designed for you. 

types of programs

What Types of Care Are Provided At Our Lexington Drug Rehab?

Not all addiction treatment in Lexington will offer medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for detox from opioids or alcohol. Each Lexington drug and alcohol rehab center is different. Some specialize in mental health treatment, while others don’t include such services as part of their basic Lexington drug rehab. 

At Cedar Oaks Wellness, we offer the following:

  • Alcohol addiction treatment
  • Drug addiction treatment
  • Detox programs, including MAT
  • Mental health treatment
  • Partial hospitalization programs
  • Nutritional Education

Cedar Oaks Wellness Center is a drug detox and rehab center near Lexington, KY. The drive from Lexington to our campus is just 2 hours long. Our team is here for you.

At our Lexington area drug and alcohol rehab center, you can participate in an individualized drug or alcohol treatment plan that integrates evidence-based therapies like family therapy, group therapy, and individual psychotherapy.

We take things a step further by simultaneously focusing on the recovery of the mind and body. At our Lexington drug rehab center, you can expect Nutrition Therapy as part of your program, where you learn how to take better care of yourself, your emotions, and your cravings through food and hydration. 

You can also expect mindfulness and meditation, yoga, art therapy, and equine therapy as complementary practices that help instill lifelong coping skills that you can apply when you are triggered, when things get stressful, or when you struggle with relapse.

Once you have a personalized recovery plan prepared by our staff with your Insight, you will start your addiction treatment in Lexington with detox. Detox is a crucial step in your recovery process, and we can offer medication-assisted treatment if you need FDA-approved medication for opioid addiction or alcoholism.

To find a comprehensive detox program in Ohio, contact Cedar Oaks Wellness Center today.

Over 50% of people who struggle with substance abuse also have a mental health disorder. That is why our addiction treatment in Lexington also provides mental health programs. 

  1. Co-occurring mental health disorders might be pre-existing, and one of the contributing causes to addiction as you try to self-medicate to control your symptoms. 
  2. In other cases, your addiction might lead to changes in the brain that cause a mental health disorder. 

In either situation, we can cultivate personalized substance abuse treatment in Lexington that simultaneously treats your Substance Abuse and Mental Health disorders.

At Cedar Oaks Wellness, we know that recovery has to be scheduled differently for each person. It’s not uncommon for people who reach out to Lexington drug rehab to also hold down a job, support their families, go to school, or have other personal and professional obligations. That is why we offer flexible treatment plans like partial hospitalization, where you come to our Lexington drug and alcohol rehab center during the day, but you get to go home at night and on the weekends.

Addiction harms the mind and the body, but especially the body. With our substance abuse treatment in Lexington, you can expect information on proper nutrition, including what vitamins and minerals you need, how to prevent depression and anxiety with food and water, how to boost your compromised immune system, and give you the energy to keep fighting another day.

the benefits

What Are the Benefits of a Lexington, KY Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center?

The most significant benefit starts with detox. With Lexington drug rehab, you get medical supervision during your detox. This means someone is there to manage your withdrawal symptoms, administer medications to ease your symptoms, and get you through the worst of your detox. 

With our Lexington, KY drug rehab, you get the benefit of group and family therapies. These play an integral role in your recovery. Having family and friends around you who understand and support your decision to get clean can help you when things get tough. 

People who return to old habits and old friends are more likely to relapse after completing addiction treatment in Lexington. Having friends and family who are also maintaining sobriety means you can participate in sober activities and turn to those around you if you are triggered or stressed. 

Our staff at Cedar Oaks Wellness knows that family is important. Families suffer from addiction too, and families need support. That is why we highlight family therapy as part of our rehab program. With family therapy, you can meet with those closest to you and improve communication, learn more about the mechanisms behind addiction, and gain support when things become difficult. 

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We have helped hundreds of clients recover.

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Detoxification * Residential Inpatient * Partial Hospitalization * Intensive Outpatient * Substance Abuse * Mental Health * Dual-Diagnosis *

Your recovery begins with a simple phone call. Call our Cincinnati team at 1-866-902-2994 – we can take care of the rest so you can concentrate on healing.

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Call our Lexington alcohol rehab center today if you or a loved one needs help fighting drug or alcohol addiction. We can use group therapiesfamily therapies, and other methods designed to let you find your center. When you are balanced, confident, and focused, addiction doesn’t stand a chance.

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We Offer Rehab and Detox Services Near Lexington, KY.

We know that asking for help takes courage, which is why we work so hard to reward that courage by finding a personalized substance abuse treatment plan in the Lexington area. Our team will sit down with you to go over your personal and family health and history. Knowing your history with substance abuse or any mental health disorders can give us a better idea of which therapies to incorporate into your recovery. 

We might decide that family therapy isn’t the best fit because your family are current users too and don’t support your decision to get clean, but other group therapy can serve as a great replacement. We value your input, so if you have tried rehab before and failed, we want to know what you liked or didn’t like about it so that we can incorporate therapies like equine therapy, art therapy, or yoga into your practice. 

If you are ready for help, reach out to Cedar Oaks Wellness. Our admissions team is here to help each person get treatment, regardless of whether they attend our Lexington drug and alcohol rehab center. 

Reach out to Cedar Oaks Wellness at 866-902-2994 today. 

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