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Opiate Addiction

If opiates have destroyed your life, you may be feeling helpless and out of options. Fortunately, our team is here to tell you otherwise. Recovery is possible with the help of a professional rehab facility that can monitor your recovery and give you a safe space to heal.

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Opioid Addiction
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If you’ve heard of the opioid epidemic plaguing America, then you likely know how serious opioid or opiate addiction can be. In 2018 alone, 128 people in the United States died every day from an opioid overdose.

The abuse of opioids – both prescription and natural, like heroin, as well as synthetic, such as fentanyl – started in the late 1990s when pharmaceutical companies assured the public that their opioids were not addictive. Unfortunately, they were wrong.

If you or someone you loved is addicted to opiates, you deserve to be helped by a team of professionals who have treated this type of addiction before. Cedar Oaks Wellness Center offers a specialized opiate addiction treatment program in Cincinnati that can be personalized to each client’s needs and goals. Asking for help can be challenging, but giving us a call can be your first step towards turning around your life.

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What are Opioids?

What are


Found in the opium poppy plant, opioids are a class of drugs that produce a variety of effects after they impact the brain, including pain relief, which is why so many opioids are prescription medications. Many prescription opioids are prescribed to block the pain signals between the brain and body, but they can also bring about feelings of relaxation or a high that can be addictive.

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Opioids can be natural, synthetic, or semi-synthetic. Though opioids and opiates are terms that are often used interchangeably, they technically refer to different types of drugs. Opioids can refer to all types of opioids, while opiates refer to natural opioids.

Common types of opioids include:

Though these drugs are commonly referred to as painkillers, they don’t fall under the same category as relatively harmless painkillers that can be sold over-the-counter, like aspirin and Tylenol. Some of these opioids are prescribed, but many, like heroin, are known as street drugs and sold illegally.

Regular use of opioids, even if prescribed by a medical professional, can lead to dependence and addiction. As of 2017, more than 47,000 Americans died from an opioid overdose, which is a common risk among users struggling with addiction.