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Looking for a drug & alcohol rehab near Louisville, KY? Cedar Oaks Wellness is a highly-rated inpatient treatment center just a 2 hour drive away from Louisville. We can help!


Louisville Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center

Substance abuse can have a devastating impact on individuals. Users are more likely to struggle with tangential health problems, sickness, and mental health issues. If you use and have children, your children are at a higher risk of neglect or abuse. Without help from a Louisville drug and alcohol rehab center, you can damage relationships with friends and family, struggle with financial issues or legal complications, and even homelessness. 

Without getting help from a Louisville drug and alcohol rehab center, substance abuse can hurt the community, causing increased crime, increased health care demands, diminishing reputations for certain neighborhoods, and increased burdens on local taxpayers.

Thankfully, you can find addiction treatment in Louisville that really works. Cedar Oaks Wellness provides top-rated drug and alcohol addiction treatment near Louisville. Reach out to us today to learn how we can help. 

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Addiction in Louisville, Kentucky

addiction in

Louisville, Kentucky

Drug addiction and alcoholism have been on the rise over the last decade, but especially since 2019. The need for addiction treatment in Louisville has also increased. To that end, the state government has spent millions of dollars on prevention and addiction treatment in Louisville.

- On average, there are over 500 overdose deaths in Louisville, over four hundred of which are from Fentanyl.
- Prescription drugs, cocaine, and heroin are the three most prevalent substances abused throughout the city.
- Louisville has the highest number of fentanyl-related deaths in the state.
- There are 2351 drug arrests for every 100,000 people.
- Methamphetamine has become a growing concern in Louisville since 2010.
- The CDC has seen the rates of cocaine overdose triple between 2013 and 2018, the figure that remains accurate for Louisville.

Of the people who turned to substance abuse treatment in Louisville, nearly 67% were men. Almost 30% of admissions at a Louisville drug and alcohol rehab center for opiates. If you are struggling, call our admissions team at 513-780-5201 to learn more about addiction treatment in Louisville.

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If you are looking for a treatment center in Indianapolis, let Cedar Oaks Wellness Center help you find treatment designed for you. 


Are There Addiction Treatment Centers Near Louisville, KY?

With our Louisville area drug rehab treatment, you get a personalized treatment plan to integrates evidence-based therapies like family therapy and group therapy alongside individual psychotherapy. Our goal is to help you recover mentally, physically, and spiritually. For this, you need to learn coping skills that help settle your mind, turn your attention inward, and find inner peace when things get stressful or when your environment is full of triggers. We can help you do this with the following:

  1. Yoga therapy
  2. Meditation
  3. Mindfulness practices

We can also help you express yourself emotionally in ways that you might otherwise find uncomfortable. The majority of people who reach out for addiction treatment in Louisville are men and men in high-stress positions like executives. These are the same groups that have a stigma associated with getting help, being vulnerable, or expressing emotions. Things like art therapy and equine therapy have been proven effective ways to express emotions where you might otherwise be uncomfortable with that level of vulnerability.

With all of our addiction treatment in Louisville, you need a detox. Detox helps rid your body of any remaining toxins from substance abuse so that you can start clean. But some addictions require medication-assisted treatment (MAT), like opioid addiction or alcoholism. 

With these substances, you need to come to our Louisville drug and alcohol rehab center for medical supervision during your withdrawal process. You get therapies and medications to help manage your symptoms during that time. 

We can evaluate your situation and determine whether you need 24-hour supervision and a chance to step away from your everyday stress or whether you can get by with a full-time schedule of therapy but still maintain your independence in the evenings and on weekends.

We know that treating your mind and body requires specialized service. That is why our mental health programs can easily be incorporated into your Louisville drug rehab plan. In these cases, you can access complementary therapies by cognitive behavioral therapy, which can help you identify negative thought patterns, replace them with positive thought patterns, and focus on reality rather than skewed perceptions of reality. This can go a long way toward improving your coping skills and avoiding a mental, emotional, or physical relapse.

Contact our Louisville drug and alcohol rehab center to learn more about which program works for you.


What to Look For in a
Louisville Drug Rehab Center?

When choosing your Louisville drug rehab center, you should look for flexible scheduling to meet your professional and personal responsibilities, as well as different therapies and insurance coverage. 

Cedar Oaks Wellness specializes in drug and alcohol rehab with flexible schedules. We offer outpatient programs that allow you to remain at home while still coming to our Louisville drug and alcohol rehab center for treatment. 

With our partial hospitalization program, you learn coping skills to handle the events in your daily life that contributed to addiction in the first place. You get access to relapse prevention, a predictable timeline, and ongoing support. The best part? You come for treatment during the day but go home at night and on the weekends. 

At Cedar Oaks Wellness, we provide evidence-based therapies that work in tandem to give you the best chance of recovery. In addition to individual psychotherapy, you can expect participation in group therapy, where you build a supportive network of sober friends, learn how to strategically apply coping skills from individual therapy sessions, and find comfort when things don’t go as planned. 

With Cedar Oaks Wellness, you can reach out to our admissions team to learn more about how your insurance can be used to cover most of your treatment. We work hard to verify your benefits for you and explain exactly what costs might come out of pocket. If any do, we can help you find alternative payment methods. 

Ready to get help? Call us to learn more about our substance abuse treatment in Louisville, KY.

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We have helped hundreds of clients recover.

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Detoxification * Residential Inpatient * Partial Hospitalization * Intensive Outpatient * Substance Abuse * Mental Health * Dual-Diagnosis *

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Cedar Oaks Wellness Offers Addiction Treatment Near Louisville, KY.

At Cedar Oaks Wellness, we have made a name for ourselves as one of the top facilities for addiction treatment in Louisville because of our mental health treatments, detox programs, relapse prevention, and family therapy. 

All of these programs work together to improve your ability to handle stress, deal with triggers, and maintain stability when things get tough–and they will. But having relapse prevention education, support from family, and positive mental health will go a long way toward helping you through the tough times.   

Cedar Oaks Wellness offers addiction treatment near Louisville. To learn more about how our Ohio drug and alcohol rehab serves the surrounding area call Cedar Oaks Wellness at 513-780-5201 today. 

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