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Group Therapy Services in Ohio

Group Therapy

If you or someone you love is struggling with a substance use disorder, undergoing detoxification may be a crucial first step in the recovery process. Our safe, effective detox program can serve as the springboard to your recovery.

Group Therapy In Ohio

Effective Group Therapy Treatment for Addiction in Ohio

When you begin receiving treatment for your alcohol or drug addiction, the last thing you may want is to meet or talk to other people. You could be at your lowest, and many people with addiction feel shame or guilt for what they’re going through.

However, evidence and experience points to feelings of validation and overall success, when group therapy is utilized in drug and alcohol addiction recovery. This is why drug and alcohol group therapy is a popular treatment method offered by many rehab centers, including Cedar Oaks Wellness Center. At our Cincinnati facility on 120 acres of open space and forest, our clients are able to have the space they need to recover while also given the opportunity to connect with others.

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What Exactly is Group Therapy?

What Exactly Is


Group therapy brings people with similar issues together in order to talk and better understand themselves. When it comes to alcohol and drug addiction recovery, group therapy has been an essential aspect of treatment. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), people with addiction are more likely to remain sober and stick with their recovery when they participate in group treatment. Drug and alcohol group therapy may be intimidating at first. Many people don’t anticipate they’ll be ready to open up about their personal struggles with a room full of strangers. However, decades of research and evidence have shown that with effective facilitation, it can feel cathartic to express your feelings and after a few sessions, you may become comfortable with your group.

Our Unique Treatment Approaches

Our Addiction
Treatment Therapies.

Relapse prevention education is an important part of building a solid foundation for long-term, sustainable recovery.

Group therapy at Cedar Oaks Wellness offers our clients a safe & supportive environment to connect with peers.

We know that the family is an important part of recovery. We offer family therapy sessions as needed based on your individual needs.

We’ve partnered with Camp Kern to offer our clients an equine experience where our clients participate in equine activities.

Nutrition & wellness are an important part of the recovery process. Learn more about how we approach physical health at Cedar Oaks.

If you are ready to take action, our caring admissions team is standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ready to help.

Why Should I Participate in Group Therapy?

What Are the Benefits
of Group Therapy?

There are many benefits of group therapy that can aid you in your recovery. Alcohol and drug addiction are known to make people feel isolated and cut off from others. Addiction can ruin relationships, sometimes for good, and isolation can also further drive people to drink or use drugs. Group therapy can give you the support and companionship you may be missing.

Other benefits of group therapy include:

Positive Peer Pressure

If you used to drink or use drugs with others, you understand what negative peer pressure looks like. In group therapy, positive peer pressure involves a commitment to listen to one another and accountability. Everyone’s time and stories are treated as valuable, which is why group members feel pressured to come to meetings on time and listen to one another.

Family-Like Environment

Group therapy can become intimate and help develop people’s social skills, which can help them mend their relationships with family members at home. If members don’t have friends or family to turn to, their group can give them the support and nurturing they’ve been lacking.

Structure & Discipline

People who have struggled with addiction for a long time are familiar with letting others down and neglecting their responsibilities, which is how many can lose their jobs. Group therapy demands that every member obey certain rules and come on time to meetings, which can challenge people to practice responsibility.

Seeing Others Recover

Group therapy can give members hope when they see their fellow members grow and learn in their recovery. This can be motivating and prevent relapse, and people may be able to learn coping skills from others.

We have helped hundreds
of clients recover.

We have helped hundreds of clients recover.

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“I felt really welcomed and was surrounded by supportive people. They went out of their way to help me reach my goals. Always had answers to my questions and if they didn't they would give their best answers."


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