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Like all Americans, members of the military community sometimes have problems with substance addiction or substance abuse. And also, like everyone else, these community members need a way to pay for the cost of timely, effective drug and alcohol treatment. One potential option for military families is TRICARE Select, a plan available through the larger TRICARE insurance system. This plan can help you meet your costs as you seek treatment from a high-quality rehab provider.

Need TRICARE rehab that’s convenient for you and your family? Call on the addiction specialists at Cedar Oaks Wellness Center. We include TRICARE Select among our many accepted insurance plans. With our help, you can gain all the coverage advantages that your plan has to offer. That’s just part of our commitment to making effective treatment services as widely available as possible. Cedar Oaks Wellness Center is a Cincinnati drug and alcohol rehab center that accepts BCBS insurance. Contact us today to learn more about our Ohio addiction treatment options.

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Understanding TRICARE Rehab Coverage

TRICARE is a health services program designed specifically to provide coverage to members of the military community, including:

  • Active-duty servicemen and servicewomen
  • Families of active military personnel
  • Retired military personnel and their families
  • Members of the National Guard and Reserve and their families
  • Survivors of servicemen and servicewomen who have died
  • Ex-spouses of some military personnel
  • People who have received the Medal of Honor, as well as their family members

The program’s structure is both government- and civilian-based. It combines elements of the Military Health System with various non-military healthcare providers and facilities. People with TRICARE plans can seek treatment from providers in the military, as well as from any participating civilian facility. 


TRICARE Select is a specific kind of insurance plan offered through the TRICARE network. This plan is not available to you if you’re currently active-duty in the military, the National Guard or the Reserve. Instead it’s intended for adults and children who otherwise meet the criteria for TRICARE coverage. 

A TRICARE Select plan may be helpful to you in situations where other TRICARE plans are not an option. Examples of these kinds of situations include:

  • Living somewhere where you can’t use other forms of TRICARE coverage
  • Having additional health insurance through your employer or another non-TRICARE provider
  • Using a healthcare provider that doesn’t participate in the TRICARE system
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Explore how our Ohio drug & alcohol detox can help you quit abusing drugs & alcohol in a safe & comfortable environment.

Our residential inpatient program in Ohio is dedicated to offering you a safe space where you can find long-term recovery & healing.

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If you are looking for a partial hospitalization program in Ohio, Cedar Oaks Wellness Center can help with our partial day program.

We offer evidence-based medication-assisted treatment options at our residential retreat in Ohio at Cedar Oaks Wellness Center.

We offer alumni who complete our program lifetime aftercare services as well as access to our alumni app, Cedar Oaks Cares.

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We have helped hundreds of clients recover.

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Cost Coverage

Using TRICARE Select to Cover the Costs of Rehab

Substance treatment is a covered service under the terms of the TRICARE network. It’s considered a form of mental health care. This makes sense, given the status of addiction and serious substance abuse as mental health disorders

Not everyone pays the same amount for TRICARE Select coverage. The basic rate depends on whether the person through whom your plan was obtained is:

  • On active duty in one of the five main branches of the military
  • A Reservist or a member of the National Guard

This military status determines how much you pay for covered services. It also determines the size of your yearly deductible and the cost of plan enrollment.

Want to know more about the TRICARE network and TRICARE Select? Talk to the knowledgeable staff at Cedar Oaks Wellness today.

Detoxification * Residential Inpatient * Partial Hospitalization * Intensive Outpatient * Substance Abuse * Mental Health * Dual-Diagnosis *

Detoxification * Residential Inpatient * Partial Hospitalization * Intensive Outpatient * Substance Abuse * Mental Health * Dual-Diagnosis *

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Detox Services in TRICARE Alcohol Rehab or Drug Rehab

It’s impossible to move forward in sobriety-based substance recovery while you’re still drinking or taking drugs. This seems self-evident. However, taking the first step of halting active substance use can be challenging in the extreme. People affected by addiction not only have an ingrained habit of using drugs or alcohol. They have a dependence-based need to do these things. And if that need is not met, they’re likely to experience mild, moderate or even severe withdrawal symptoms.

Given these difficulties, how can you end your substance use and return to a drug- and alcohol-free state? With help from a medical detox program supervised by recovery specialists. Programs of this type provide customized services that give you a workable way to reach initial substance abstinence. 

At Cedar Oaks Wellness, we feature multiple options for safe, effective medical detox. We’ll help you choose an option that fits your form of addiction and overall situation. To find out more, consult us today.

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inpatient treatment

Inpatient Treatment at an Alcohol and Drug Rehab That Accepts TRICARE

Successful detox creates the basic conditions for progress toward lasting substance sobriety. But to turn that progress from a promise into reality, you need the help provided in active treatment. At Cedar Oaks, we rely on therapy as our main choice for active rehab. Our many therapy options can help you take concrete steps toward a sustainable, substance-free routine. These steps include such things as:

  • Dealing with family issues that have an impact on your substance-related behaviors
  • Avoiding a relapse as you learn how to establish lasting sobriety
  • Getting a better understanding of why you drink or take drugs
  • Learning ways to break your addictive habits of thought, feeling and action

You can work toward these objectives in group therapy sessions or in one-on-one sessions. Both options can contribute to your overall success in substance treatment.

Your TRICARE plan can also help you cover the costs of medication-assisted treatment (MAT). MAT is often essential for people in rehab with alcohol- or opioid-related problems. It adds medication to your therapy-based recovery plan. This combination provides a crucial boost to the effectiveness of alcohol and opioid treatment.

Have questions about your specific treatment options while in rehab? Answer them today by contacting our in-house recovery experts. 

TRICARE insurance covers the costs of residential inpatient substance treatment. It also covers the costs of partial hospitalization and other outpatient options. This means that you can seek treatment in any setting that meets your specific recovery needs. At Cedar Oaks Wellness Center, those settings include residential care, as well as partial hospitalization. Get more information on these programs by contacting us today.

No matter how well you do in active treatment, old habits may eventually reassert themselves when rehab ends. How do you keep these habits at bay and keep your sobriety intact? One highly recommended option is enrollment in an aftercare program that helps you periodically freshen up your sobriety skills. The aftercare options available at Cedar Oaks Wellness include a variety of alumni services. Reach out today to learn more about your post-rehab options.

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TRICARE Select is an important insurance option for many members of the extended military community. You can use this insurance to supplement other forms of coverage. You can also use it in situations where other TRICARE-based services are unavailable. 

Looking for a TRICARE rehab that sets the mark for treatment excellence? Turn to the seasoned professionals at Cedar Oaks Wellness Center. Every day, we help military families and other covered individuals make full use of TRICARE Select. In this way, we further our larger mission of providing accessible, top-quality detox and rehab services. Have questions about how to get started? Contact us today for assistance. 

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