Clinical Therapist

Valeri Herrick, M.A., LPC, DARTT

Valeri Herrick, M.A., LPC, DARTT

- Clinical Therapist

Born and reared in two separate cultures, Valeri has seen and experienced life’s joys and sorrows, regardless of class, nationality, culture, or beliefs. She has a passion for helping heal pain and suffering, helping people be restored to wholeness. She says that “To get to witness this healing is my greatest joy and privilege.”

After rearing her family, Valeri chose to enter the Mental Health field, for which she had harbored a passion for a lifetime. She has over 10 years of formal experience, with 6 of those years spent serving at the Center for Addiction Treatment – as counselor and team lead. Her focus is on such areas as substance and behavioral addiction; and mental health – developmental and relational trauma, grief, anxiety, depression, and other relational issues. Valeri is a Professional Counselor in the state of Ohio.

Away from work, Valeri focuses most of her time on her friends, and especially her family – her husband of 38 years, her 3 grown “boys”, and their families – dividing her time among 10 grandchildren, 10 years old and younger.

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