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If you or your loved one is ready to end their battle with addiction or mental illness you need an experienced and compassionate team to walk alongside you. Cedar Oaks Wellness Center is that team.
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Cedar Oaks Wellness is not your typical rehab center. Our Ohio addiction & mental health treatment center utilizes a holistic approach, meaning that rather than simply treating the problem, we treat the person. Just as no two people are the same, neither are their addictions.

Located just outside metro Cincinnati with over 120 acres of luscious grounds, Cedar Oaks Wellness is a safe place to heal. Discover your individual path to healing & recovery at Cedar Oaks Wellness Center.

Detoxification * Residential Inpatient * Partial Hospitalization * Intensive Outpatient * Substance Abuse * Mental Health * Dual-Diagnosis *

Detoxification * Residential Inpatient * Partial Hospitalization * Intensive Outpatient * Substance Abuse * Mental Health * Dual-Diagnosis *

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How Our Evidence-Based, Compassionate Program can help
How Our Evidence-Based,
Compassionate Program can help

The Cedar Oaks
Wellness Difference.

There are countless different rehab centers out there offering everything from 12-step programs and cognitive-behavioral treatments, but at Cedar Oaks Wellness Center, our team is well aware that there isn’t a single treatment that can be applied to all addictions. At our rehab facility in Cincinnati, we offer individualized treatment programs for patients struggling with alcohol abuse and drug addiction because we believe that recovery is as individual as the patients we serve.

Transparency During Every Step

Our team prides ourselves on providing answers to any and all of your questions during both your recovery and life of sobriety.

Recovery Designed for You

We are committed to providing clients a safe, peaceful, and compassionate environment to begin the continuing journey of a healthy lifestyle.

State of the Art Facilities

Cedar Oaks is located on 120 acres of a beautiful mix of forest and open space. Our secluded campus is the perfect setting for our clients to get away and focus on starting the healing process.

Unparalleled Professionals

Our team consists of addiction professionals who specialize in treating clients in a holistic manner and who truly believe that recovery from addiction is an individual and lifelong journey.

What We Offer at Our Ohio Treatment Center

Our Innovative
Treatment Programs.

Our rehab center recognizes addiction and mental health as a chronic diseases that impacts the brain and results in toxic habits and behavior patterns. There are countless factors that can lead to addiction and mental health. Some people begin using alcohol or drugs as a result of peer pressure, while others turn to drugs to cope with trauma or mental conditions. Many people are exposed to alcohol at a young age and have family members who struggle with addiction. One common factor that many people share, however, is that once they develop a physical and psychological dependence on drugs or alcohol, they often lose control of their lives.

Explore how our Ohio drug & alcohol detox can help you quit abusing drugs & alcohol in a safe & comfortable environment.

Our residential inpatient program in Ohio is dedicated to offering you a safe space where you can find long-term recovery & healing.

We offer alumni who complete our program lifetime aftercare services as well as access to our alumni app, Cedar Oaks Cares.

Change Your Life With a Single Call

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We understand that substance abuse & mental health issues can cause chaos in a person's life. Cedar Oaks Wellness is here to help you find your own individual path to healing.

We have helped hundreds
of clients recover.

We have helped hundreds of clients recover.

One of the best experiences in my life.

“I felt really welcomed and was surrounded by supportive people. They went out of their way to help me reach my goals. Always had answers to my questions and if they didn't they would give their best answers."


I Was Met with Respect & Love That Never Stopped

“We were in a beautiful serene environment where I felt safe and was given such individualized treatment. Everything from therapy, exercise, nutrition, music therapy, excursions to prepare you for the reality of going back home. Also importantly our security”


They Taught Me How to Live

“They taught me how to live and enjoy life again. I will forever be grateful to Cedar Oaks for everything they did for me. I couldn’t have done this without them.”


Your recovery begins with a simple phone call. Call our admissions team at 1-866-579-0994 – we can take care of the rest so you can concentrate on healing.

Explore Our Stunning Campus in Ohio

Explore Our Groundbreaking Campus.

Let Us Meet You Where You Are

Recovery is a
Life-Long Journey.

Just like every person is different, so to is everyone’s journey of recovery. At Cedar Oaks Wellness Center we realize this, and work with you to take the first step wherever you are on your journey.